When Mike was 10 years old he was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons and was dazzled with the basic rules set 1 cover art! From that day on, he fell in love with fantasy role play games and fantasy art. Mike eventually went to Capilano University in North Vancouver B.C. to attend animation school. Graduating from the 2 year classical animation program, Mike landed his first job as an effects artist for the DreamWorks production, Joseph King of Dreams. Mike has spent the last 19 years working as a professional character animator on many television, commercial and video game productions.



Durring his time as an Animator, Mike started to feel like he was missing something artistic in his life and started doing more personal art. He soon fell back in love with his childhood memory of Dungeons and Dragons. Mike became relentless in pursuit of becoming a fantasy artist. Spending many late nights and constant persistence, Mike has spent the last 7 years working as a freelance fantasy illustrator, for books, table top games and card games.

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